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April 23, 2016
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May 6, 2016

Residents and owners of commercial properties of South Bank are well covered when it comes to professional plumbing works. This is because they can depend on trusted and well known blocked sink South Bank professional plumbers. We have been on the business for long such that we have mustered what it takes to be proficient in this kind of business. We work with a team of dedicated and highly trained engineers ready to respond to your call anytime of the day or night. Plumbing works is our day to day job and thus that is what we like doing best.

We make use of latest technology
It is a known fact that once in a while you will get to experience a blocked drain for instance a sink. There are a number of reasons that will cause blockage. We usually check for the root cause of the blockage when we come to your place. These days it is easier to detect the root cause because we make use of CCTV technology for the not easy to assess areas. Once we get to know the root cause of the blockage, we will advise you accordingly depending on the problem you are having. Before any work commences, we will always give you our fixed price so that you can give us the green light. We hate hidden charges as you do, thus we will not surprise you with them.

Remember that any blocked drain is unhygienic as it can be a source of diseases. The smell you also get is awful and it will make your stay in your house quite uncomfortable. Any moment you experience a blocked drain, reach us as we operate 24/7. We try our best to respond to emergencies within the shortest time possible. Apart from repairing and carrying out maintenance works, we do also lay new plumbing either for residential or commercial properties.

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